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About us

We started with a simple and short vision – Grow our family and clients money together without engaging in speculation. We believe that if an investment choice is a good option for you then it must be a good option for us as well. We will provide the same investments and advice to clients as we would apply to our own family money. We will focus on trying to minimize the risk and producing the best long term results we can. We don’t see short term market fluctuations as risk. For us, risk means the permanent loss of capital. To avoid permanent loss of capital, we focus on investment and avoid speculation. We can look into your eyes and honestly say that we share the pain and joy of long term portfolio performance.

Quick summary

The ChainStreet Capital (“ChainStreet”) is an independent Registered Investment Adviser located in the Washington DC suburb of Rockville, Maryland. We get paid by our clients only. We do not accept any money from a third party that is contingent upon the purchase or sale of a financial product. In that way, we’re unlike some other investment firms who receive commission from an outside entity, which you end up paying indirectly. Financial firms accepting money from a third party typically invest in certain limited options to receive referral fee which might not be in your best interest. We don’t accept any referral, commission or compensation from any outside entity to avoid conflict of interest.

Who will be managing my money?

The portfolio manager is Rohit Ranjan, the managing partner of ChainStreet Capital. Prior to starting ChainStreet Capital, Rohit worked with several large IT integrators in Washington DC area as consultant for 7 years. In addition, Rohit has held management positions in a small IT company.

Rohit has an M.S. from the George Washington University (GWU), where he majored in Computer Science. He obtained a B.Tech in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi (Formerly IT-BHU) in 2000. He was offered a full scholarship by the Department of Computer Science at GWU to attend their graduate program

Rohit is passionate about value investment and is a disciple of Warren Buffet. His interest, love and knowledge of value investment led him to start ChainStreet Capital through which he can help “regular” people realize their financial dreams. He enjoys the investment process so much that it does not feel like work to him. Rohit is happily married to a fellow GW graduate. The Ranjans have been in the Washington, DC area since 2000-2001 and plan to make this area their permanent home.

How do I know my money will be safe?

While no one can ensure you against a decline in the value of your portfolio holdings, the cash and securities in your investment account will be as secure as possible. As part of ChainStreet Capital sign-up process, we will work with you to open account(s) in your name with an Independent Custodian. Your money and securities will be held in your personal account. All deposits will go directly to your account(s). We cannot move or transfer your money. All we can do is, buy and sell securities in the account set up for you and ask independent custodian to deduct our fee from your account.

For most of our clients, the money and securities in their accounts are held by an independent custodian. Independent custodian accounts are protected by two levels of insurance for a maximum of $30 million per joint account. You will be given their direct contact address during our sign up process. You will also have the ability to check your account 24/7 by login into your account(s) at independent custodian. In the event that anything unfortunate should happen to the portfolio manager, you will still be able to contact the independent custodian directly to withdraw your money as appropriate. In addition, you can check for any disciplinary actions taken against us by searching this site (our record is flawless), and we will provide you with our Form ADV Part II during our initial conversations as more background.

We might not be a good fit for everyone but if you are looking for a value investing strategy focused on long term growth, where fund manager invests his family money with clients then ChainStreet Capital may be the right place for you. Why not find out by scheduling a one to one chat with our fund manager, Rohit Ranjan? We look forward to hearing from you.

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